In 1981 the family business was founded by Mr. Vianney Labranche and in 1987 Mr. Serge Labranche and Mr. Luc Poudrier joined the company as shareholders while Mr. Pascal Labranche made ​​his debut there as an employee. A few years later, in 1994, Pascal Labranche also becomes a shareholder, and since 2008 he is the sole owner of the company. He ensures overall direction and oversees the daily operations. Now a third generation Labranches is part of the company through the involvement of his son Dannik.

During the last decades, the company has successfully overcome many challenges in the forest industry and has adapted to its many fluctuations. In 1995, they purchased a sawmill in Chelmsford, Ontario, which closed in 2001. Today, thanks to their experience and a committed team, this family business has a profound knowledge of the industry and offers a wide range of personalized services meeting the highest standards.