An idea of ​​our services

  • Loading and unloading of forest transportation;
  • Cut-to-legnth veneer, sawlogs and pulps;
  • Road maintenance;
  • Handling and transportation of bulk and wood chips;

Mobile shredding

  • Shredding and grinding of all forms of wood:
    • Construction and deconstruction;
    • hardwood or conifers;
    • Sawmill residues, sorting centers, eco-centers;
    • Railroad ties;
    • Mobile service.

Our services are available to all types of businesses, whether for cities, municipalities, private companies, paper mills, contractors and mining. We cover all of Abitibi-Temiscamingue and several other areas in Ontario and Quebec.

We offer a complete service from start to finish, or as necessary for your projects. Fix or hourly contracts can be done to fit your needs.